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Renew Mind, Body and Spirit with Reflexology

Reflexology has been practiced since ancient times. Archeological evidence has been found in Egypt, China, and Japan suggesting it as a medicinal practice. Reflexology like inscriptions have been found in tombs in Egypt wshowing people working on each other’s hands and feet. There have even been stone carvings found of a map of Buddha’s feet that are from 40 B.C.

Reflexology picked up again in the 19th century. It is based upon the Zone Theory by Dr. William Fitzgerald that uses different areas of the body and their pressure points to relieve various aches and pains. If you’ve seen the chart designating all of the different parts of the foot in different colors and what they correlate to, you’ve seen the Zone Theory. It focuses on the nervous system and reflexes, and the practice has been used to connect the mental, physical and spiritual.

What is reflexology?

Practitioners believe that there are specific points in the hands and feet that directly correlate with the body’s nervous system. The belief is that by manipulating the hands and the feet, one can reduce pain in other parts of a person’s body. It is also said to be able to manipulate the energy within your body and make it more accessible.

There are many critics who say that this doesn’t work, because there is no scientific evidence to back the claims of energy manipulation. Critics also attack the people who practice this ancient art, because they are not required to have a medical background or any license or accreditation. However, people can get a diplomas in the discipline, through what is typically a six-month program.

What are the physical benefits?

Studies have been done that claim to show that reflexology has visible health benefits. In Denmark, patients underwent reflexology therapy for migraines and headaches, and over half of them said that they had been helped by the alternative medicine. It has also been known to help patients who have multiple sclerosis or arthritis, by helping them with motor and sensory issues. Patients have even claimed that it has helped them with problems of their respiratory system and digestive tract.

Another claim is that this kind of therapy helps cellular generation and that it can aid a body in processing food more efficiently. It is also said to help with the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. There are even claims from men who say that the therapy has helped them with prostrate problems and given them more control over their bladder. It also has been used for children who wet the bed to give them more bladder control.

What are the mental benefits?

Some of the mental benefits of reflexology include an increase in relaxation and concentration. It is believed that it helps a person to better focus on the things they deal with in everyday life by rearranging energy and allowing it to flow more freely through the body. It is also said to help with balance, not just physical, but mental.

Another beneficial claim is that reflexology reduces stress. If a person has any stress-related illnesses or anxieties, such as high blood pressure, tension headaches, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or panic attacks, it could help to reduce these symptoms. It can also be used as a therapy process for someone who has suffered emotional trauma or grieving, and may offer them a calmer outlook and more peace.

What are the spiritual benefits?

Reflexology is said to awaken you spiritually, because it removes the blocks from the pathways where energy flows through your body. This allows you to feel more of the world around you and become one with it. Because you feel relaxed and renewed, it allows you to have a more open mind about the world around, and the spiritual aspects of that world.

It is also believed that reflexology helps to remove the spiritual impurities and toxins in your body. As you become clean and relaxed, your mind can enter a higher state of discovery and self reflection, allowing you to be a better at worship or meditate with better results. Of those who are spiritual, some believe this a way to renew themselves, much like a retreat, meditation class, or other spiritual-awakening experience.

Reflexology and pregnancy

Women often refer to alternative medicine when they are pregnant, because they typically don’t want to take anything that could harm their babies. This practice has been said to help a woman from ailments befor

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