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Mental Cleansing - Establishing a Mindset for Success

A 30-day mental cleansing program provides benefits to your mind and spirit in an analogous fashion to a detoxification program for your body. Such a program is designed to enhance mental clarity, eliminate clutter, and provide an enhanced sensation of well-being, mindfulness and inner calm. By elininating unnecesssary external stressors, the individual experiences a greater ability to create a clean slate for new ideas and goals, focus his or her energy upon these new ideas and goals, and by avoiding distracting influences, to establish the fortitude to move forward on a trajectory towards success. Given a thirty day period, you can significantly reduce the levels of accumulated toxic residue from years of listening to negative statement that infiltrate and negatively influence thoughts on a daily basis. The means through which such toxins are conveyed include, without limitation: news (via all media sources, since such news features focus primarily upon negative developments locally and globally), negative co-workers, friends, or even partners. Indeed, anything that adds noise and conflicting ideas to your mind, and creates clutter to the extent that the mind is unable to focus upon a goal, nuch less take steps to achieve its desired objectives. People choose to do these cleanses to help them prepare for a new job, a new goal, or just to refresh their mindset.

The Goal of Mental Cleansing

One of the aims of such a cleanse is to eliminate negative or unproductive inner chatter, resulting from exposure to external influences, ultimately providing the mental clarity to inspire creativity, and the discipline to take the actions requited for successful reaalization of goals.  

Most individuals are not consciously aware of the negative thoughts and beliefs so ingrained into their worldview, much less aware that it is this very mindset that is precluding them from reaching the goals that they seek to achieve.  Before you discmiss mental cleansing as another 'new-age fad', consider the fact that meditation is a tool utilized by Eastern civilizations for thousands of years to achieve internal harmony, enhance cognitive thought and focus, and achieve a connection between mind and body that has yet to be replicated in more developed countries.  At the very least, approach the concept of mental cleansing with an open mind. You have nothing to lose but your negative thought patterns.  


Stress is a mental or emotional strain that causes you to worry. Stress can cause physical problems, such as tension headaches, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. There are many natural and medicinal ways to reduce stress, but a good mental cleansing will relieve you from it.

The media stresses us out by reminding us of the many responsibilities we have that we haven't been able to keep up with. If we see commercials about debt or unemployment or injuries and accidents, we are likely to become stressed out. The media reminds us of the bad things that could happen, causing us to worry and  to take extra measures in caring for ourselves that are sometimes beyond our means.


It seems as if media is constantly trying to scare us into action. We are scared by talk of terrorism, natural disasters, and violent crimes. The programs that clear your mind will give you 30 days without anything to fear. Instead of fearing things, you can become inspired to conquer fears and make a change.

Fears also can include anything that we're individually scared of. Everyone has their own phobias and reacts differently to each one of these fears. A mental cleansing can help you to become aware of your fears, allow you to face and accept them, and then overcome them. A clear mind is able to take on anything, and it is willing to be opened to new possibilities.


Anger can be a precursor to violence or other negative behaviors. If we see a sad situation on television or read about an issue that we oppose on the Internet, we can be moved to varying degrees of anger. Cleansing your mind can remove this anger and give you the optimism to be slow to anger in the future.

Mental cleansing can allow you to address deep-seated emotions of anger that you've been holding inside for years. When you have no media interruptions to blame your anger on, you have to deal with the real source of anger inside of you. Clearing your mind of angry thoughts and feelings can give you a clean slate and a fresh start.

How can I measure my success?

Before you decide to do a mental cleansing, you should think about your reasons behind participating. How can you benefit from clearing your mind and focusing in on the things that are truly important? You need to make a list of the things you want to accomplish by participating in the 30-day cleanse. This will help you to gauge your success once you actually enter the program.

Make sure that you give yourself the full 30 days in order to meet the goals that you set beforehand. As you go, make note of all the small successes that you are encountering. There are plenty of successes you won't even notice until after the mental cleansing. Once you get back into the world media-riddled world, you may notice that you have a different mindset than everyone else around you. You will then be ready to work toward and embrace success. 

Mind clutter keeps us from operating at our full potential. I'm sure that not many will agree that going about their daily lives can be thought of as mind clutter. But, that's exactly what it turns about to be.

Life in general, you know our day to day occurrences, the family, the media, our job, even the sounds of traffic. All these things are capable of keeping our minds fogged with so much activity, that we seldom take the time to be still and listen to what our mind or spirit is saying to us.

So, to answer the question who needs a mental cleanse, In my opinion I believe everyone need to at least give it a try. If each of us would take 30 days to deliberately avoid negative surroundings as much as possible, and truly take time to listen with a quiet mind, you will be amazed at how much you will learn about the “real you”.

A mental cleanse involves first, making a decision that your life is worth 30 days. It won't be easy to deny yourself of some of life's pleasures but it will definitely be worth it. During these thirty days you will surround yourself with only positive or encouraging people and events.

Taking part in a mental cleanse means you will turn off all radio's, television, and news. You will stay away from the news paper and all people that speak negatively about anything. This is time that you will spend with you, yourself and your thoughts. During this time you will be able to hear more clearly the things that your mind has been saying all along, but you couldn't hear them because of all the chatter that was going on up there.

This exercise works best if you can get others to participate with you. Say, a spouse or the family or even a mastermind group of like minded people. Astounding results will happen when the reading of great personal development books are incorporated
into this time frame. Choose books or audio's of classics like Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich and As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. Of course there are other great personal growth materials out there.

I have known of people that went through this challenge and got some major breakthroughs in their life. Just by taking the time to really get to know themselves magical things happened in their family life. It was discovered that they liked likemselves,therefore others around them liked and appreciated them more.

Believe it or not, some people are afraid of the thought of listening to their mind or getting to know themselves. Some will set out to start the mental cleanse and quit before time. Don't be one of those people.

I can clearly recall my first mental cleanse. I unplugged all the t.v.'s and radio's in the house. I remember grabbing my personal development book to read. As I set there, oh how quiet things were. The days seem to be so much longer. By that I mean
I was so impressed with how much more I got accomplished each day. I'm warning you not to give up if you don't experience your mind speaking to you the first day or even the first week.

That's not at all uncommon. Normally around day thirteen or so you will start to notice and respond to your new way of thinking and listening. Many find that their level of stress is less and can now feel a sense of joy and peace within.

Applying the mental cleanse will be beneficial to all, whether you're in the work force, stay at home or other. I can tell you that once you complete your first thirty days you will find its an experience you will want to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Summing this up, a mental cleanse is an unique life experience that we can all use to make our lives a bit happier. Take the challenge for yourself, starting today.

Wishing you all of life's greatest success.

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