Today, Sunday, January 20, 2019

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed?

Success has a myriad of connotations. To many people, success means earning a six-figure salary, owning a company, or being successful in one’s career. To others, success means having a family, raising their kids to be honest, upstanding people. Still, to some, success means having a strong faith in God and living a righteous life.

To be successful in life, a person has to set goals and decide what is most important to him or her. While success cannot be rigidly defined to fit the scope of all people’s lives, it can generally be defined as meeting or exceeding the goals and objectives that one sets for one’s self. The success requirements for all people include these qualities: ambition, resiliency, and self-confidence. If a person is ambitious, self-confident, and resilient in the face of adversity, that person is highly likely to achieve his or her goals.

Success in Business
The success requirements for running a business are both similar and different to the success requirements for working for another. If one is a business manager, owner, supervisor, or boss, that person must have a number of different qualities to successfully manage or supervise. He or she must be able: to lead, to delegate tasks effectively, to be assertive, to be understanding, to listen to his or her employees, to generate new ideas, and to maintain employee morale. Likewise, employees of businesses must meet these success requirements: he or she must be dependable, honest, understanding, hard-working, and willing to learn.

Many people believe that managers should be dictators, and employees should be servile. However, it is important that business relationships, such as those between supervisors and employees, produce mutual respect between the two parties such that a business is productive, efficient, and self-affirming.

Most importantly, in business, success means that the business entity is profitable and scalable.

Success in Family
Successful families are those that enjoy spending time together, participating in shared activities, with open lines of communication, and the security of knowing that you are loved and respected. Close families show affection for one another and have little trouble expressing love in one form or another. Moreover, successful families maintain a certain level of honesty with one another. Families that stick together are loyal, honest, communicative, and full of love.

Success in Faith
Many people would argue that the only way to have success in this life is to have faith in a higher power and the workings of a higher being in one’s life. People turn to different religious institutions to strengthen their faith and commit to a righteous path. Living a life that is guided by ethical and moral standards is a life that is successful in a number of respects. People who are conscientious, caring, altruistic, and selfless help to make others’ lives better. Whether taking care of a neighbor when he or she is sick, reaching out a helping hand in a community food drive, or taking care of one’s family on an everyday basis, a life that is guided by principles of selflessness and altruism is a successful life.

Success is defined subjectively, but an objective truth about success is that it is the prosperous and meaningful culmination of one’s goals, ambitions, and dreams into tangible results.

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